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We started tinkering with vintage Airstreams in our spare time, and we got hooked enough to turn our hobby into a business. Now we reinvent several trailers per year, adding distinctive designs and modern upgrades to each one while preserving their iconic exteriors and identities.

Our growing fleet of Airstreams includes family-fun-mobiles, man-caves, rock-star retreats, and mid-century guest houses. See the Portfolio for photographs of various restorations, road tests, and before-and-after transformations. Instagram has our most recent and ongoing work: @rivetrenovations.

The Rivet Reno team is comprised of a master builder and a master-of-fine-arts nerd. We focus on remaking each trailer as a comfortable and convenient space for living, working, and hosting others (see For Sale).

Our workshop is located near San Diego, and we travel far and wide to collect old trailers and connect with other Airstream and vintage trailer enthusiasts.

Contact us for more information anytime:   |   760-532-2552


We look forward to working with you!

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